Thursday, December 13, 2012

10 out of 12s

Tuesday we finally set foot on the stage of the beautiful Hanover Theatre and looked out into the 2300-seat house we will be playing in for the next 10 days. And I do mean "playing" in many different ways because at heart the act of pretending to be someone else is a playful activity. At the same time, this is a company of professional actors and at the moment our job is to bring to life the story of "A Christmas Carol" to the patrons of the Hanover Theatre starting this Friday!

Andrew Ross Crowe and Andrew Haserlat
We have survived our two 10 out of 12 rehearsals, which is a 12 hour technical rehearsal with a 2 hour dinner break. There is a lot of stopping and starting at this kind of rehearsal, while the actors wait for the lights, sound, and set to coordinate the perfect moves at the perfect moments!

Sometimes we get a little goofy waiting at this rehearsal. Here is a picture of Bob Cratchit balancing all the hats on Fred Scrooge's head at 11pm last night:

Despite appearances our show is coming together. I can't wait to open!

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