Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cast Party!

Last night we had a lovely cast party at the Ceres Bistro. I was especially excited that avid theatre supporter, enthusiast, and friend, Ed Sato, was in attendance.  He has seen "A Christmas Carol" at the Hanover Theatre multiple times every year. And I am always happy when I  bump into him at shows all over New England.

Steve Gagliastro and Carola LaCoste
Current castmates, former castmates, the crew, and most of the creative team were also in attendance. It was a great celebration of the production. Everyone was dressed in their  "party clothes" , which was a big transformation from the usual petticoats, cloaks,  and bonnets we've been wearing. It's hard to believe we will only being wearing our costumes for one more show!

Christmas Past: "My time here grows short, look:"

The fancy Cratchits: Annie Kerins, Elizabeth Brytowski, Andrew Haserlat,  Connor Macchi, and Joanna Rosen 

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