Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tiny Tim's Opening Night

Today was the big day-our first time performing "A Christmas Carol" at the Hanover Theatre with an audience. For my fiancee, Steve Gagliastro, and I,  it was just our first time performing the show this year. Many others in the cast, though made their first appearance at the Hanover Theatre this evening. And for the lovely 6 year old Elizabeth Brytowski who plays Tiny Tim, today was her first opening night ever! I was very excited as Elizabeth and I held hands backstage during the overture while we waited to enter for "Deck the Halls". Sharing the joy of theatre with young performers is an awesome responsibility!

Elizabeth Brytowski and Andrew Haserlat
However, Andrew Haserlat (Bob Cratchit) and I were both a little nervous for Elizabeth because there were a lot of adjustments given to her earlier in the day at our final dress rehearsal. Some of her entrances and choreography changed along with subtler notes related to her text delivery. This 6 year old had a lot to keep track of so Andrew, myself, and the Child Wrangler (her Mom!) did our part to remind Elizabeth about little details along the way.  She nodded her head like she was listening, but I've worked with kids enough to know that can be deceptive! To our relief, Elizabeth WAS listening. She remembered all of her changes and notes. She even tried some smaller suggestions with ease and was not at all thrown by the audience. I was a proud Mamma today as I watched Tiny Tim in the last scene limping downstage to say "God Bless Us" before being whisked up onto Scrooge's shoulders. I hope she is loving every minute of "A Christmas Carol"! I am :D

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  1. Thank you so much Annie! As her mom, I think she has been doing a good job keeping track of everything, but I'm a little biased! You guys have all been so great with her and she is having so much fun!